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Recycled Range Content

Our new 100% recycled collection is finely crafted with our signature polarised lenses, 100% UV protection, and lightweight materials for a comfortable fit.

Let's spread the word about these amazing shades!

Ready to-go reels

Let's captivate your viewers! We've added a selection of fun videos to help you promote our products.

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Creative Ideas For Your Socials

Style Your Products

Highlight products in store that would look great styled together! Customers adore finding the perfect accessories to complement their outfits.

You can create moodboards, carousels or reels of your ideas.

Get Personal

Create a video, or share a carousel of your top picks! You can also get specific and suggest which product would suit each demographic. Eg. The Jordan frames are perfect for Dads.

Pictured: The beautiful Katie from Tala Collective.

Talk About Sun Safety

When it comes to the Australian sun, sunglasses are more than just a fashion statement - they're an absolute necessity. It's crucial to wear the right frames that offer UV400 polarised protection.

Highlight the warnings and benefits of not wearing UV400 polarised sunglasses. Without them, you risk burning your eyes, experiencing vision issues, and even developing wrinkles from constant squinting. But hey, we say no thank you to that!