Product care


To help keep your new sunglasses clean and lenses clear, all of our sunglasses come with a carry pouch for safe and easy storage and a microfiber cleaning cloth to bust through daily dirt build-up. 

Cleaning tips
To avoid scratches, never wipe the lens when they're dry.
When cleaning your lenses, it is recommended to first blow away all the dust and dirt off the lenses or give them a quick rinse with fresh water to help prevent micro-scratches. 
Once done, wipe the lenses and frame with the microfiber cleaning cloth provided. Never use paper products to clean your lenses such as tissues or paper towels as they will leave micro-scratches.

Stick to only freshwater or specific lens cleaning products to maximize the life of your lenses, do not use alcohol-based products to clean the wooden frames.

After contact with sweat or salt water, rinse your sunglasses off with fresh water and dry thoroughly. Failure to do this may result in the internals of the hinge becoming corroded and may break, this is something not covered under warranty.

Avoid placing your sunglasses in bags and pockets as these generally have items in them that may damage your frames and scratch your lenses.
Avoid leaving your sunglasses exposed to extreme heat e.g. car dashboard in the sun.
This can contribute to the early deterioration of your sunglasses.

General Care
Some handy tips to extend the life of your new shades.
Use both hands to take them off and put them on. It’s also best to avoid wearing them on your head for long periods as it can place stress on the hinges.
Never place sunglasses lens down on any surface.
Avoid placing outwards stress on the temples and hinges, this can result in breakage at the hinge.
Check your shades regularly to make sure the screws aren’t loose, if you find one that is, tighten it gently with a small screwdriver. 
Please avoid excessive twisting or bending of the frames. While wood is a strong material, it does not have the ability to bend and twist like plastic sunglasses do.